HKJ series Feed pellet mill Model : HKJ-32, 40,

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◎HKJ series pellet mill adopts SPZ narrow belt drive system, high driving efficiency & stability, low maintenance.
◎This series pellet mill can produce pellets of diameter 1.5mm to 8mm.
◎Fixed type stainless pellets cutting blade, Easy adjusting ©Quick detachable hold hoop type ring die
◎Feeding is controlled by frequency inverter.
◎It is used to produce high quality poultry, livestock, fish, shrimp feedstuff pellets
HKJ series Feed pellet mill


ModelInnder diameter
of die
Pellets sizeCapacityMain motor powerFeeder motor powerConditioner
Motor power
HKJ-32¢ 320mm¢1.5-¢8mm2-3t/H22KW*21.1KW1.1KW
HKJ-35¢ 350mm¢1.5-¢8mm3-5t/H30KW*21.1KW1.5KW
HKJ-40¢ 400mm¢1.5-¢8mm5-8t/H45KW*21.1KW1.5KW
HKJ-450¢ 450mm¢1.5-¢8mm5-12t/H45KW*2/55KW*21.5KW2.2KW
HKJ-480¢ 480mm¢1.5-¢8mm5-20t/H45KW*2/75KW*21.5KW3KW