Egg tray and chicken case

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Different size egg tray and chicken case for delivery,  best quality with all new plastic materials.
Egg tray (All use new plastic material with best quality, Min order 800pcs)
 Egg tray and chicken caseEgg tray1285x282x76mm
(egg hole D:29mm)
 Egg tray and chicken caseEgg tray2305x290x75mm
(egg hole D:30mm)
 Egg tray and chicken caseEgg tray3293x293x50mm155gPP30eggs
 Egg tray and chicken caseEgg tray4280x280x80mm
(egg hole D:38mm)
185gPP25 duck eggs



















Chicken case( All use new plastic material with best quality, Min order 200pcs)
 Egg tray and chicken casechick case1600x460x155mm1550gHDPE100 chicks
 Egg tray and chicken caseChick case2570x445x165mm2000gHDPE100 chicks
 Egg tray and chicken caseBroiler case1750x560x270mm6250gHDPE18-22 Broilers
 Egg tray and chicken caseBroiler case2750x550x250mm4040gHDPE18-22 Broilers