Ostrich incubator Model : EZ-O192

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        The incubator specially used for ostrich has been firstly and successfully developed by our technician and
relevant farming expert with a combination of the advantage of foreign products and domestic practical service
experience. The control of the products was developed from digital controlled circuit to intelligent fuzzy control.
It is equipped with temperature control emergent system, safety and dependability. The tray in the cabinet are
all made of stainless steel material. Compared to other same products, it is lower in cost, easier in operation
and maintenance, less difference in temperature and higher in hatching rate. In 1996, ostrich incubator passed
the test of National Center of Quality Supervision and Inspection of Livestock Machinery, all indexes met and
exceeded the standard of State Ministries. We are the member of Ostrich Association, and we are ready and
eager to serve for ostrich farmers.
        We have different models which capacity 48,  72, 96, 120, 240eggs,  according the customer request, we
can design it as combined setter and hatcher, or seperate setter or hatcher.
        Also we can design Emu incubator for you which use the same material.


Ostrich incubator