Animal zoo Incubator Model : EZ-750

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        This is a special designed incubator for animal zoo.


Capacity:  The machine will be equipped with 10 pcs small trays, which capacity 880eggs if for pheasant. We provide different type trays according request of customers.  Also there is one big hatching basket on the bottom for hatching processing.
Max power: 1600W,
Power condition: 220V/380V ,50HZ (we suggest to use 380V power to reduce noise)
Outline:102cm X 117cm X 169cm (width X depth X height)


Main Configuration
1.     Box panel is made by high strength color steel sandwich plate(thickness 40mm)  and whole aluminum profiles. It has good thermal insulation.
2.     Side six right-angle blades circulating system which is drove by motor with belt can keep temperature more even and stable.
3.     Fuzzy controlling system which can control temperature and humidity more accurate.  Temperature display accuracy: 0.01℃, Humidity display accuracy: 1%RH.
4.     Spraying type humidity system which can raise humidity quickly and high.  Also we specially design it so that spraying water will not cause temperature fluctuation.
5.     Automatic turning system on trolley, we can move this trolley so that we can clean, disinfect and maintain the machine easily.  We equip trays for different types of eggs. We adopt line actuator as the turning power which haven’t any noise and is reliable.
6.     Automatic alarming, cooling and emergency working system for safety using.


Animal zoo IncubatorAnimal zoo Incubator