ES-168 Egg incubator Model : ES-168

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  • Additional Description
        ES-168 is a new designed egg incubator which has smaller size and beautiful appearance.
It can fit all kinds of eggs with different plastic trays.  We adopts a new controller which is much
stable and reliable. ES-168 is a combined machine with setting and hatching unit.   With fuzzy
intelligent controlling system, we make this machine an extremely user friendly incubator.
Full Technology And Function  

  • Frame: All aluminum extruded sections , Box panel: Strong double colour steel sheets with EPS foam as sandwich core.
  • Digital temperature, humidity and turning frequency displaying.
  • Automatic Gear turning system tilting the eggs 45º once per two hour (Setter Only). According your actual request, you can set turning interval time you need.
  • Forced air circuit by 1 fan with automatic heating.
  • The door is transparent, made of organic glass. You can observe the whole hatching process through the door.
  • Inside light.
  • Operates on 220-240V, 200W (max power), 50/60Hz.
  • Approx. weight and measures 28Kg, 53*49*84cm
  • Supplying 3 setting trays and 1 hatching baskets, Setting capacity 168 chicken eggs and hatching capacity 56 eggs.  All trays we supply are only for chicken eggs, if you want to hatch other eggs, please tell us.
Main technology index of machine:
Temperature precision display:    0.1℃
Range of temperature controlled:  35--39℃
Precision of temperature controlled: 0.1℃
Humidity precision display:      1%RH
Range of humidity controlled:   30-75%RH
Precision of humidity controlled: 2%RH
Angle of eggs-turning:           41-45°
Setting time of eggs-turning:    0-190minutes