EL-38400S Egg incubator Model : EL-38400S

       Searching an incubator to start a commercial hatchery, then the Onelye EL series of machine will best fit for you. It has a beautiful appearance and premium properties. With fuzzy intelligent controlling system, we make this machine an extremely user friendly incubator. It is easy to operate and sterilize because trolley is movable. It is a single stage setter, usually we should equip hatcher capacity 19200 to fit it.
        Compare to old Single stage egg incubator, this new model can save 35% electric energy.  And also it improves the hatching rate.
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  Joint control of temperature, moisture and dampers to reduce temperature fluctuation.
  By the new heating method, the incubator can adjust heat automatically according to the environment temperature and the embryo growth cycle, keeping a stable temperature inside.
  With the CO2 damper controlling technology, the incubator can control Oxygen ventilation accurately.
  New ventilation structure- Exhaust, air intake and enforced air cooling ducts are isolated from one another to replenish oxygen and dissipate heat at the late stage of incubation.
  Auto-monitor temperature, dampers, stirring fans, egg turning and power supplies. When a disorder appears, it can send a sound/light alarm.
  The user can start the emergency control system to ensure incubation when the main control system goes wrong.
EL-38400S Egg incubator


Middle stiring fan system(whole new air circulating fan),
Six stainless heaters
Enough copper pipes for fast water cooling
EL-38400S Egg incubator

Centrifugal humidifying system for fast and humidity requirement
EL-38400S Egg incubatorEL-38400S Egg incubator
New design pneumatic symmetrical turning system which keeps the same air flow in the two sides of machine 

  • Digital temperature, humidity and turning frequency displaying.
  • Automatic turning system tilting the eggs 45º once per two hour. According your actual request, you can set turning interval time you need.
  • Big middle stirring fans with automatic heating and centrifugal humidifying system.
  • Backup emergency and alarming system for insurance using.
  • Automatic air and water cooling system.
  • CO2 damper control system to keep enough Oxygen for the Embryonic development, improve hatching rate and save unnecessary energy loss
  • Ultra-high temperature record and research function
  • Hatching period record
  • Made of polyester, double wall construction for a perfect insulation.
  • Operates on 380V, 50HZ, 3Phases,Max power 8.2KW.
  • Hot galvanized Trolley egg-frame for easy operating, inside disinfecting and cleaning.
  • Fiberglass panel to keep no rust and bacterium, Panel thickness 75mm
  • Outline: 3360x3740x2400mm, 8 trolleys with 256 setting trays, capacity 38400 eggs.

Main technology index of machine:
           Temperature precision display:      0.01℃
           Range of temperature controlled:    35--39℃
           Precision of temperature controlled:  0.1℃
           Humidity precision display:          1%RH
           Range of humidity controlled:       30-75%RH
           Precision of humidity controlled:     2%RH
           Range of CO2 controlled:           1000-9999PPM
           Precision of CO2 controlled:         100PPM
           Angle of eggs-turning:              41-45°
           Setting time of eggs-turning:        0-190minutes